Please remember to check what's on and dates of events, etc. on our calendar.



On Sunday 26th January we take the annual collection in support of our Cathedral in Portsmouth. Please give generously, gift aiding your donation wherever possible.



There is limited space available in our church for posters, pamphlets and other notices. If you have anything that you would like displayed, please can you send it, or hand it in, to the parish office in the first instance. If appropriate, it will then be displayed for a suitable period of time. Please do not leave items in the church yourself or move the ones already displayed. For guidance on notices/posters, anything above A5 size makes it difficult to be displayed and we may reduce the size for practical purposes. Thank you for your understanding.



The next meeting for this course, suitable for anybody with an enquiring mind who would like to grow their faith, is on Wednesday 22nd January at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre. All very welcome. Information on the content of the programme available on pink sheet on table at back of the church or download a copy here.



Coming to our parish for Lent 2020 – SycamOre – What is SycamOre? How can we find happiness?  What is the meaning of life? Is there a God?


SycamOre is an informal set of films about the Christian faith and its relevance today. Each SycamOre session involves a short film with some time for discussion in an atmosphere that builds a real sense of community, and a spirit of trust and friendship. We have used the SycamOre films as part of RCIA in the parish over the last four years and it has proved to be an overwhelming joy for many people, it has enabled them to open their hears and to share their faith in ways they never imaged possible. Many people who were reluctant to speak about faith openly, have gained confidence and trust through participation in the discussion topics, and have been amazed at the difference it makes to their prayer life, to their understanding of scripture, and to their desire to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.


SycamOre was produced and written by Fr Stephen Wang, a priest of the Westminster Diocese, who has his own particular style and who enjoys introducing people to the amazing riches of our Catholic culture and history. To introduce us to the theme of Celebrating, Living and Sharing God’s Word, and to prepare us for the SycamOre films, Fr Richard Ounsworth O.P. a Dominican priest from Oxford, will open our Lenten sessions with a talk on Monday 2nd March. Dates and title of other sessions to follow. All sessions will take place in the parish centre on Monday evenings 7.00pm.



Red Mission boxes are now available to be collected from the table at the rear of the Church. The white labels attached are your receipts for your donations which have now been forwarded to APF (Association for the Propagation of the Faith). Many thanks.



We will be running the Alpha Course again on Tuesday evenings, starting mid-January. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and safe way. Great for both those new to faith and those who are wanting to look at faith again. Please contact for more details.



A lecture by Dr Austen Ivereigh, entitled "The Papacy of Francis:  Conversion & Resistance" will be held on Thursday 23rd January at 5.30pm at Pembroke College. Register for free tickets here.   For more information, please speak to Tessa Sheaf.




Please visit our Parish Blog on this section of our website for regular snippets of information and updates.



The FEBRUARY issue of Bible Alive is now available at the back of the church. Understanding the scriptures draws us closer to Jesus – who doesn’t want that? Copies of Bible Alive are available every month at the back of the church, for only £2.50. Please do take a copy.



Worship allows one to realize that faith is not simply a set of doctrines, but a relationship with a living person, Jesus Christ: “It is in encountering Jesus face to face that we come to see him as he is,” he said. “Worship means being silent in the presence of the divine Word and learning to use words that do not wound but console.”



The next Charismatic Prayer Meeting takes place on Wednesday 22nd January at 4 Rawlings Grove, 7:45-9pm. All welcome! For more information contact Ab 528528.



This will take place on Saturday 1st February at St Luke’s’ Church Theale, RG7 4AG from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Everyone is welcome so please let Jo Lewry know if you are coming by emailing or call 01252 329385.



This will take place between 19-25 January, Week Midday Prayers will be held in St Nicolas' church from Monday 20th to Friday 24th January, from 12.00 to 12.30.  All are welcome. A light lunch will be provided afterwards. The prayers will be led by:


Monday: The Reved Paul Smith, St Nicolas

Tuesday: Fr Jamie McGrath, St Edmunds

Wednesday: The Revd Steve Millard, Abingdon Baptists

Thursday: The Revds Kath and Phil Cooke, Christchurch at Long Furlong

Friday: The Revd Charles Masheder, St Helens


Inter-church quiz: Friday 24th January, St Michael’s Church, at 7.30 pm. For more information, contact Hilary Clare at



There will be a meeting in the Parish Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 30th January to plan the ways in which our parish can continue throughout the coming year to live up to being a Live Simply parish. Everyone is welcome - please bring any ideas and suggestions, big or small!



Next events:

  • Saturday 25th January is the next occasion for the parish youth groups. The COOL group (Children of Our Lady) is for those in year 3 to 6 in primary school. St Edmund's Knights - the name chosen by the young people themselves, is for anyone in secondary school.

Details here.



We spend much of our lives living our faith and so preparing for God’s Kingdom when we die. Why not also make sure that our loved ones know our wishes for our funeral when we die? There are forms at the back of the church to help you to do this. Please do take one and follow the instructions on it.

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