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Thank you, once again, to all those who submitted proposals for our Lenten projects for this year. After careful consideration of them all, and taking into account the effects of the pandemic, the PPC has decided that this year we will concentrate our effort on supporting only one charity. The charity chosen is St Monica’s (Mauni) Primary School in the Koche Parish in Malawi, Africa.

You can make a donation here.

St Monica's (Mauni) Primary School

St Monica’s (Mauni) Primary School is situated in the Koche Parish in the Mangochi Diocese in southern Malawi. It was built and opened by the late Bishop Alexandro Assolari, an Italian Montfort Father, who was the first Bishop of Mangochi Diocese. In 1975 for less than 200 pupils, but now has over 842 pupils and 13 teachers. Fr Charlie Beirne, a Montfort Fathers missionary, has informed us that the needs of the school are many:

  • With over 842 children, there are only 9 small classrooms, which means that some classes have to take place outdoors – with great disruption during the rainy season.

  • The school currently has only 15 school desks and has to rent desks when it comes to Standard 8 pupils in their final year sitting for their school leaving certificate exams.

  • There are no tables or chairs for the teachers, who have to remain standing all of the time.

  • There is only 1 changing room to cater for both the boys and the girls.

  • There are only 6 pit latrines, built a long time ago, to serve both staff and students.

  • The school has very limited textbooks and sports equipment.


Pupils have 8 years of primary school education, but the reality is that many of the older pupils drop out simply because they have to work to support their families and cannot afford the basics like pens or exercise books.


On meeting with the headteacher, Mrs Prisca Kumwanje, Fr Charlie has established that what the School needs most urgently are classroom blocks, latrines and desks. The local parish has no funds to build anything, but the PTA of the School will gladly help with any labour. The government pays the teachers’ salaries.


Whatever support we can give will go a long way to helping the staff and pupils of the school. Ash Wednesday is on 2nd March and Lent begins on Sunday 6th March. This gives time for individuals and small groups to formulate ideas and plans for fundraising. If you are willing and able to organise and do something, please submit your proposal via the parish office as soon as possible, giving dates and times where possible. “Truly, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40) Thank you.

Some Fundraising Dates for Your Diaries


  • ASH WEDNESDAY 2nd MARCH – 7:30 pm

Simple Soup Supper - Bread and Soup - information and displays on the projects - in the Parish Centre


  • SUNDAY 6th MARCHafter 8.45am and 10.15am Mass

Big Breakfast & Home Produce sale - in the Parish Centre. We urgently need you to provide cakes, jams, etc. for sale.


  • FRIDAY 25th MARCH – 7.30 pm

International Evening - in the Parish Centre.  



Golf Day at Drayton Park

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